Financial Literacy

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Hi there, welcome to the intro of my new series Financial Literacy

If this is the first time on my blog and you are wondering about my credentials. I have a bachelors in business from the University of North Carolina at Bryan Business school. But, also I am just another working human, mom, and wife that has to manage money. Knowing how money functions and how to better manage yours are very important skills to have in your back pocket. The plan with my new series Financial Literacy, is to gather as much information and tools to help you understand money.

Talking about things in your back pocket,

This little book is a great place to start if you are brand new to the ins and outs of money. This book “How money Works” by Tom Mathews and Steve Siebold is one of the most digestible ways to read about money. lets be honest money, numbers, just all of it can seem daunting but it does not have to be.

okay, now why am I doing this?

Well, my hope is to help others become more financial literate; so they can gain the freedom to live the life they truly want. As I revamp my own finances and walk my children through this information I started thinking about my own late in life understanding of finances. Like so many of us we did not learn about money or money management in school. For me I did not get a good grasp on a lot of it until collage during accounting and finance courses.

I think most of us know someone who is in the paycheck to paycheck life. You have probably heard this phrase before. Basically it mean that you are making money ” a paycheck” then you’re spending it all before or up to the next pay check when you start the cycle again. Sound familiar? Unfortunately this is the reality for many. I know growing up I thought that was normal. 

Right now, 2023, it is not the easiest with everything more expensive. In my opinion that is more of a reason to get a better grasp on your own financial literacy! let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover in more detail as we go!

Free worksheets in future posts! see you soon


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